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Started in the garden city of Christchurch, Earth to Earth is a young enterprise scheme start up.
Created in pursuit of environmental sustainability in New Zealand

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specifications and benefits Our product

The Half-litre Earth Pots

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Dimensions - 60mm x 60mm x 120mm
Material - Biodegradable wood-based fibreboard.
Durability - Up to six months in the nursery with typical daily irrigation.
Shipping - Supplied flat-packed.


benefits of using the half-litre Biodegradable earth pots



Our pot are 100% biodegradable. This means that when the seedling has grown, it can be planted directly into the soil complete with the pot, laying a great foundation for the roots. Our pots will last approximately 6 months in the nursery supporting a growing plant while being irrigated as often as twice a day. After this period, the seedling is then ready to be planted in the ground, or transplanted to a larger pot.

Designed and made in NZ:

This pot is proudly made in Christchurch New Zealand, and designed by Earth to Earth.

plastic free

Our product is entirely plastic free, safe for the environment, and safe for you.


100% cardboard:

These pots are made from cardboard and produced right here in Christchurch, New Zealand by a trusted manufacturer.

Time saver:

When doing a large job where thousands of plants are required, a biodegradable pot saves a lot of time through eliminating the process that every plastic pot has to go through. During a large job, every plastic pot that is used has to be pulled off each plant, and also collected back up after the job is finished. This is one of the biodegradable pots biggest advantages as they can just be removed from the tray and put it straight into the ground.




‘These have been have been a great movement forward in the efficiency of our planting. I highly recommend this quality product and the team at Earth to Earth.’
— Andrew D

about us


As a group of five young students, we are currently completing year 13 at Westmount School and are very fortunate to be the lucky five chosen to complete the young enterprise scheme (YES) for 2017 at our school. As part of YES, we have the opportunity to set up and run a real business in which we then take to the market. Firmly grasping this opportunity with both hands we started Earth to Earth. Started in the Garden City of Christchurch in 2017 Earth to Earth puts its focus into the environmental sustainability of New Zealand. The passion for the environment runs deep within the team, following research into the damage we do to the environment every day.



Forging strong relations within the team and local nurseries, we have a shared vision to make some small difference to our environmentally damaging footprint. Our passion is our drive, and now the only limitations we have are within ourselves. To create a unique and valuable product capable of achieving our vision and objectives we have been working alongside a local nursery who has trailed many of our prototypes to give us real life scenarios and results. Now we have answers, and as a YES team, want to share this passion with everybody.


Leaving future generations with less to clean up.

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