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The Half-litre Earth Pots

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Dimensions - 60mm x 60mm x 120mm
Material - Biodegradable wood-based fibreboard.
Durability - Up to six months in the nursery with typical daily irrigation.
Shipping - Supplied flat-packed.


benefits of using the half-litre Biodegradable earth pots


Our pot are 100% biodegradable. This means that when the seedling has grown, it can be planted directly into the soil complete with the pot, laying a great foundation for the roots. Our pots will last approximately 6 months in the nursery supporting a growing plant while being irrigated as often as twice a day. After this period, the seedling is then ready to be planted in the ground, or transplanted to a larger pot.

Designed and made in NZ:

This pot is proudly made in Christchurch New Zealand, and designed by Earth to Earth.

plastic free

Our product is entirely plastic free, safe for the environment, and safe for you.

100% cardboard:

These pots are made from cardboard and produced right here in Christchurch, New Zealand by a trusted manufacturer.

Time saver:

When doing a large job where thousands of plants are required, a biodegradable pot saves a lot of time through eliminating the process that every plastic pot has to go through. During a large job, every plastic pot that is used has to be pulled off each plant, and also collected back up after the job is finished. This is one of the biodegradable pots biggest advantages as they can just be removed from the tray and put it straight into the ground.



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‘These have been have been a great movement forward in the efficiency of our planting. I highly recommend this quality product and the team at Earth to Earth.’
— Andrew D

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